Friday, June 24, 2016

*Read the comments and external references at the end of this page. 

This project started in Medellin at Comuna 13 with a great group of students, volunteers and visitors learning and teaching English, also sharing time together in tours around the city, dance classes and enjoying the great opportunity to know about other countries (thanks to all our volunteers and visitors who helped us and the ones still working in this beautiful project).
Our purpose is connecting people to learn English, participate in social projects, get to know other countries from a different perspective and learn together about life, culture, languages and opportunities.

Our activities are open to everyone and are always for free. We can't pay our volunteers but we offer great experiences with an awesome team from all over the world.

We started in Medellin and the idea is to have the project in other countries 
If you are in Medellin and you want to volunteer please visit and help at the classes, contact Prime to join. 

Our group in facebook is Stairway to English Community, there you can find all the students and volunteers who made this dream become a reality.

We are interested to offer the following activities to people interested to improve or learn English, any age, any race, any religion.... anyone is welcome. 

  • English classes: 

  • Dance classes: Tuesdays and Thursdays 11:00 - 12:00 a.m. Our students will teach you the basics to dance salsa, bachata, merengue in social parties and discos in Colombia. 

  • City tours: Walk with us from the comuna to nature, explore Medellin with us!! 

  • Translation and conversation: Our students are full of ideas for their lives, jobs and activities to learn English, they need our help mostly in translation, business ideas, finances, scholarships, trips..... etc,. Everything can be possible!!! 

  • Break dance nights and film projects:
Our students and volunteers have prepared video projects and Break Dance nights, we have really enjoyed these activities and the amazing view and talented dancers at night in Comuna 13.

And even more is coming, all your ideas are welcome!!!!

Reviews and references:

Lisa visited us and participated in our activities. She wrote a description and reference of our project in her blog, read it here:

Read our comments and comment if you want to share you experience volunteering with us: